FCM Business Travel Lab

FCM Lab in Barcelona and FCM France & Switzerland is a tribe of 270 young and (obviously) handsome employees. We are united by a single mission: developing and ensuring the best services and technology products to support business travelers in their trips around the globe !

Our teams support and develop our internal products and solutions to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable experience throughout their time with us. To do so we have several webapps: A travel platform, a small CRM, a reporting tool, a tool for travel proposals. Every year we experiment with new products! Over the years we have used Ruby on Rails, React, PostgreSQL, MongoDB...

What it’s like to work at FCM Lab ? Highly motivated, fun and enthusiastic people (most of the time with ping-pong skills & bad joke teller). You will love your colleagues, work for advanced technology in a pioneering innovation spirit. A modern and human management, with rewards : for commitment and performance !

We are also proud to have been awarded by the HappyAtWork® & TechAtWork® label, which highlights the companies where technical profiles are the happiest

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