Our mission is to help entrepreneurs in the digital economy succeed and scale their businesses quickly without the need for dilution.

We provide digital entrepreneurs with the capital they need to scale their investment in online marketing campaigns in a flexible and agile way.

We invest between £50K and £3M under a revenue-share model, with no hidden fees, adapting to your rate of growth.

You pay us back with a small percentage of your sales until the total borrowed capital is paid back in full. In return, we apply a fixed commission on the capital advanced.


How do we do it?


Speed is our hallmark, which means that once your offer is approved, you will have the funds within 24 hours


When working with Ritmo, you will not get diluted and we do not demand guarantees: you keep control of your company and you can rest easy


We adapt to your pace of sales. You don't have to worry if your income falls as the repayments will also go down and the repayment period will be extended


What you see is what you get. No interest and no hidden charges. You know the commission and the % of sales for repayments from the very beginning

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